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Seigi no Ōbanburumai!
Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt

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♪ Lights - Ellie Goulding

There is no lack of jealousy on his part.
It’s not that he wanted any of what Kaito had- he didn’t- but Kaito had the opportunity to be genuine. His anger was his own, all his brave aggression was his own.
Fuuya wants that opportunity.

What he feels that makes his jaw clench tight and his brow furrows are not his feelings, they are Robin’s.
At least he’s not angry, right?

What stars that are bright enough to pierce the neon colours of Heartland City seem even more hypnotic after Fuuya’s death. He and Kaito sit next to each other, and Fuuya has… completely forgot what they were discussing, which is for the best, because Kaito’s voice was tinged with annoyance and Fuuya was apologizing too much and feeling too envious.
He never got to be annoyed.

Kaito keeps looking up at the moon, like he’s homesick or something, and Fuuya catches himself staring, because Kaito’s eyes look strange in the light of the stars, and they reflect a yellow that Fuuya recognizes too well.
"…He killed you too?"

Kaito just turns his head, lips pursed to keep his words in.
Fuuya is suddenly less jealous.

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esperobin sent:


while cosplaying

It’s exactly what it looks like.

Thomas fixes his Robin mask and clears his throat, shrugging as best he can when he sits next to Fuuya in the food court for lunch. It was all Mihael’s idea for them to dress up. Certainly it wasn’t his own choice. Right? Right.

"Nice costume," he mutters while stuffing a handful of fries into his mouth.

"…And don’t you dare say a single word."


"Of course! ESPer Robin!" III’s eyes lit up and he chuckled slightly. "How could I have forgotten? My name is III. I don’t watch TV very often."

He stretched out his hands to greet him with, and suddenly the book slipped from his arm again. He retracted his arm in time to prevent the book from falling again. III settled for a small bow instead.


"There’s nothing better than meeting someone like this. It gives a better story to tell." 

Fuuya gave III an interesting first impression, from what he remembered when he was with IV who was working with Robin, the character seemed arrogant and too forwards for III’s liking. Typical comic book hero. However the actor behind Robin, that was a different story. He seemed like the complete opposite, which intrigued him. The boy sure wasn’t what they advertised him to be like.

A numeral?
Fuuya knew of only one other, perhaps they…
No no, that would be too much of a coincidence. Still, he would be lying if the name didn’t intrigue him.

Fuuya bowed his head slightly in return, a little overwhelmed by how formal the other was. He didn’t dislike it, though. It was just unexpected.
He was very nice, admittedly.

"Do you think so? I mean, I dunno, since all the weird stuff that’s been happening lately, I guess this is a really nice way to meet someone! I mean, I guess, if it’s a passing thing, that’s different, but-"

His eyes widened, and he hid his face behind his books.

"P-Please excuse me for rambling like that!"

(Source: esperobin)


✭~ Yuuya grinned and straightened himself as he heard the somewhat soft greeting that the other gave him.


"It’s a pleasure to meet you, too!" He winked.

Fuuya kept his gaze away, not sure what to do with the kindness of the other. He hadn’t ever really gotten this far anyway!
Anyway, he wasn’t so used to people being friendly to him…

It was almost a little intimidating.
"Thank you."


✭~ Finally, a name to go with the face. He was completely caught up in his excitement that he didn’t even know how to address the person as. Well, that wasn’t a problem anymore.


"Please excuse my manners as well!" He exclaimed, although with another smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "My name is Sakaki Yuuya!" He answered with a flourish, giving a sweeping bow to his audience. Ah, yes. Ever the showman, Sakaki.

Fuuya’s eyes widened, surprised by the display. Even though they were both entertainers and lavish in their own way, Fuuya never expected anyone to bow to him! He glanced away quickly, a flustered expression on his face.

"I-It’s a pleasure to meet you," Fuuya whispers, not trusting himself to use his voice.


✭~ Another grin appeared on Yuuya’s lips. To think he was exchanging words with someone so famous, though! He hopes that one day, when people talk to him and find out that he’s a famous entertainment duelist, they’d feel the same excitement he was feeling right now.


"Wow… that’s really cool—!" He paused, “Umm…” He didn’t even know this guy’s name…

Fuuya blinked, not immediately catching on to what made the other pause. He had been so caught up in the flattery, that he hadn’t even properly introduced himself!

"Excuse me for being rude," he said, putting out a hand. "My name is Fuuya Okudaira! May I ask what yours is?"


✭~ That name!! He’s heard it before! He’s heard the kids talk about it before!! He pointed at the boy in front of him, completely missing the fact that the guy’s voice suddenly dropped…


"I’ve heard that before!! Uhh…" Yuuya thought hard at what he remembered the kids talking about while they were all seated at the waiting area. "Robin Family…? Banquet of justice? Galaxy Queen…?" He didn’t really know what any of those meant but if what the kids were talking about was the same thing this guy was talking about then…

… they would be so envious of him~


Fuuya nodded, his eyes bright and wide again. He liked this guy! Something about someone that was straightforward, if a little brash, sent a nice wave of nostalgia over him.

"That’s absolutely right!"

Fuuya giggled, ducking his head a bit and looking up through his lashes. He was always modest, even in things like this where he really wasn’t even bragging.
This person, who didn’t know about Robin, but was talking to Fuuya anyway… He felt oddly flattered.


✭~ "But it really is cool!" He said, a grin tugging on his lips.


"I don’t watch TV all that much though, so who exactly are you acting as?" This guy looked to be some kind of kid’s show type of idol. Heh, maybe Futoshi and the others might even know who he is!

That was a first! Could the other really not connect the dots? Though, perhaps, he wasn’t as exposed to the name of ESPer Robin as everyone in Heartland City was.
He had seemed like a newcomer, at least. Fuuya hadn’t seen him at the WDC, and even he attended despite not being that good a duelist.


"I play DD ESPer Robin, a hero of justice from another dimension," Fuuya explained, no amount of pride spared from his tone.
In fact, his voice dropped pitch, and the gleam in his eyes changed, as he channeled his character in a demonstration.

“‘To save the people of this world, today is also a banquet of justice! DD ESPer Robin, here I come’!”


✭~ A blink of confusion. 10 seconds to let the words sink in. Five seconds for the meaning to dawn on him.


"Actor—?!" He’s never seen this guy on TV before! Well, given the fact that he doesn’t watch TV all that much and this guy looks like he stars in one of the primetime shows which he never reaches due to ‘school work’…

"Cool…" He whispered, in awe.

Fuuya ducks his head, shyly, rubbing the back of his neck. Flattery always got him flustered, even if it was about his work.

"Ah, you think so? I mean, I guess it’s okay, if you think that sort of this is c-cool..”